​Tiny Tots (4-6 years)

Designed especially for younger children who wish to learn the fundamentals in Taekwondo.  This class focuses on basic kicks, punches and poomse (series of memorized movements).  As well as, fun games that promote respect towards parents and teachers, perseverance in completing ones goals and focus on ones task and improving ones attention span. 


Tiny Tigers (7-12 years)

We realize children at this level require a challenge and a unique set of motivational exercises that will keep them coming back for more and more.  We stress positive reinforcement/feedback that helps ones confidence in Taekwondo class and beyond.  We strive to create a fun atmosphere, a structured environment to excel in this individual activity.  If your child wishes to become an Olympian or a black belt, Chang Yong Taekwondo is the best vehicle to achieve their goals.


Whether you wish to become a black belt, lose weight, increase flexibility, promote a healthy lifestyle while learning something worthwhile this activity is for you!  Get into shape and learn how to protect yourself.

We learn Taekwondo from basic to competitive levels.  We learn weapons and self defense techniques to protect you in most situations.

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ADULT:  Mon-Wed-Fri, Noon to 12:50pm

TINY TIGERS (beginners): Tues-Thurs, 5:50pm-6:35pm

TINY TIGERS (advance):Tues-Thurs, 6:35pm-7:25pm

TINY TOTS: Will Start January 2020

SPECIALITY CLASS: Wed, 6:35pm-7:35pm (extra cost)